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Frequently Asked Questions

HobyClean is an online on-demand laundry service accessible through our mobile app downloadable on iOS and Android and used anywhere in the world that brings you convenient, cost effective, and high-quality e-laundry service.

With HobyClean Mobile App, you order (you choose machine wash or hand wash; you choose your pick-up choice: vehicle or motorbike; you select your preference: regular service (24-48 hrs) or expressed service (0-24 hrs); you choose your delivery time and location (delivery location can be different from pick-up location). We assign your order to one of our vetted and qualified laundry service providers in your neighborhood or city irrespective of where you are in the world. Our professionals pick up your dirty laundry from your door, based on your order and the label on the clothes, we Machine Wash, Dry Clean or Hand Wash. We Iron, Fold and Return to your door or at your preferred delivery destination. You can track all this on the mobile app.

You can pay in your local currency by cash on delivery, mobile money, or through your visa or master cards.

Yes! Our research shows that just by allowing us take care of your laundry for you, you can avoid up to 30% of household utility expenses (electricity and water); at least 10% of your and attract up to another 25% of direct discounts on each order below the current market price.

Our business model is designed to make you (both Customers and Laundry Service Providers) win. As we pool aggregate demand for laundry services across different locations around the world, we reduce demand variability, demand uncertainties and unit production cost (including warehousing, inventory, etc.) for our laundry service providers. As demand increases, we have the leverage to negotiate service quality, service preferences and differentiation and further price discounts for each of our customers irrespective of their location and the units they order. They all benefit from the same discount rate.

Besides customers benefit from our negotiated price discounts, they also benefit from our Royalty (Reward) System (points) that can be discounted for future purchases; or that can be accumulated and converted into cash and transferred into a bank account of your choosing (with Terms and Conditions).

You can access our mobile app from the Google App Store (Android) and the Apple Store (iOS). Thereafter, sign-up and begin to make your orders.

We currently cover every country in Africa and gradually growing to in Asia. We intend to cover the world

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